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Meet our team!

Mikołaj Leśniewicz
General Manager
e-mail: office@cameleo.pl

Mariusz Gradkowski
Export Manager
e-mail: m.gradkowski@cameleo.pl

Karol Gołaszewski
Sales Department
e-mail: k.golaszewski@cameleo.pl

Dawid Worsztynowicz
Export Department
e-mail: dawid@cameleo.pl

Jan Nowak
Sales Department
e-mail: j.nowak@cameleo.pl

Dominik Szymoniak
Application Department
e-mail: application@cameleo.pl

Marta Krawczyk
Marketing Department
e-mail: marketing@cameleo.pl

Akash A Jivani
Marketing Department INDIA
e-mail: akash@cameleo.pl

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ul. Ks. Jerzego Popiełuszki 27
63-100 Śrem / Poland

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